Acquisition: Multi-Family Property

OLF funds $100,000 multi-family project in New Britain, CT

A contractor needed quick financing to acquire a multi-family property in New Britain, CT. OLF provided a $100,000 bridge loan, allowing borrower to close quickly and take advantage of a discounted purchase price.

Acquisition & Construction: Condominium

Developer Acquires Union City Property for Rehab with an $840K Loan

A developer based in Brooklyn, NY purchased a 7-unit condominium building in Union City, NJ with plans to renovate and resell the units. Oak Leaf Financial provided an $840,000 1-year bridge loan, allowing the borrower to acquire and rehab the property.

Debt Consolidation: Day Care Center

Day Care Center Owner Borrows $140,000 for Debt Consolidation and Working Capital

A day-care center business located in eastern Pennsylvania needed financing to consolidate business debt. Moreover, working capital was needed to purchase a new fire alarm system—one that would allow the owner to expand the business by increasing the number of children it could serve. The borrower’s bank was unable to fund the loan request due to past credit concerns. Oak Leaf Financial provided the bridge loan that allowed the borrower to increase revenue and resolve the business’ credit issues. One year later, the owner was able to refinance by securing an SBA loan.

Acquisition: Funeral Home

Funeral Home Borrows $280,000 for Acquisition

The owner of a south New Jersey funeral home was also operating a second funeral home in another town on behalf of the estate of the deceased owner. He was offered the opportunity to purchase that funeral home (as well as the building in which it operated) from the estate. However, the borrower’s bank could not meet the estate’s deadline to complete the purchase. Oak Leaf Financial was instrumental in working with the buyer and the estate’s attorney to provide the borrower with a loan on the commercial property, enabling the purchase to occur before the deadline.

Business Expansion: Bakery

Bakery Borrows $100,000 for Business Expansion

A family-owned Philadelphia bakery purchased a commercial property at the New Jersey shore in order to expand their business. They were referred to Oak Leaf Financial by a broker who was unable to secure financing for them through traditional lending sources. We funded the loan, enabling the borrower to renovate the property and to purchase the equipment needed to open their second location.

Construction: Miniature Golf Course

Entrepreneur Borrows $500K for Acquisition and Construction of a Miniature Golf Course

A business entrepreneur on the South Jersey shore wanted to purchase a property for a miniature golf course. The borrower was referred to Oak Leaf Financial by a local bank that could not make the loan because he had never before operated this type of business.  Oak Leaf Financial moved quickly to fund the loan, enabling the borrower to develop the property and open the miniature golf course in time for the busy summer season.

Debt Consolidation: Retail

Retail Business Owner Borrows $1M for Debt Consolidation and Working Capital

A New Jersey retail business owner needed financing to consolidate debt and expand his business. The borrower’s primary bank was closing and unable to increase his line of credit.  Oak Leaf Financial stepped in with an attractive loan that provided borrower with the $1M in needed funding.

Commercial Real Estate: Restaurant

Restaurateur Borrows $175K to Acquire Commercial Real Estate

A Philadelphia restaurant owner had the opportunity to purchase the building that he was leasing. His bank could not process the financing request in the time required.  Oak Leaf Financial quickly made a short-term loan, enabling the borrower to complete the transaction. He now owns the building that houses his restaurant.